Carriage House

By all indications the two-story carriage house along the boundary of the northwest corner of the grounds was built shortly after the completion of the main house.  At the time of its construction, the main entrance doors to the barn faced High Street with two cartways – one leading to Fruit Street and the other to High.

John Newmarch Cushing’s widow, Elizabeth, died in 1865, ending the era of first generation Cushings at 98 High Street.  Two years later the next generation began to make improvements to the property. The improvements began when John Cushing, Jr. purchased his brother William’s half of the estate as well as the abutting property to the north belonging to Perley Tenney. This acquisition of the neighboring  property gave John Jr. the ability to reorient the barn, turning it perpendicular to High Street. With the main cartway now leading to Fruit Street, John Jr. was able to expand the garden on the west side of the property to the footprint we enjoy today.

Ours is one of the few remaining carriage houses still extant in a nearly unaltered state; the original layout of horse stalls and mangers are the same as when the last horse was removed from the property.

As visitors tour the first floor of the carriage house they will find some of the larger items in the Society’s collection such as the c.1890 carriage, vendor’s pushcart, sleigh, and farming equipment, among other items.