Choosing the Right HVAC Air Conditioning System For Your Home Or Business

Choosing the Right HVAC Air Conditioning System For Your Home Or Business

If you’re looking for a reliable Concord HVAC air conditioning company, you’ve come to the right place heating and air conditioning concord nc. We have the expertise and experience to help you choose the best system for your home or business. If you’re looking for HVAC air conditioning in Concord, you’ll want to check out Climate Solutions Inc., a family-owned business with technicians who are skilled in repairing all kinds of HVAC equipment. Not only do we repair and maintain HVAC systems for commercial properties, we also refurbish popular commercial refrigeration units.

When you purchase a Concord HVAC air conditioning unit, you’ll want to know the system’s capacity in tons. Check the model number, located on the data plate on the condenser. It will be a number divisible by six or twelve, and represent the nominal BTU in thousands. For example, if a unit has 12,000 BTU, it’s about four tons. The same unit can deliver 1.5 tons of air conditioning.

When choosing a Concord HVAC air conditioning unit, make sure you select a company with a proven track record of customer service. Customers can be confident that they’re getting expert advice from a licensed, insured, and certified technician. Integrity Air also offers annual maintenance services, which reduce the number of emergency repairs and keep equipment running efficiently. You can count on them to install commercial rooftop AC units, heat pumps, ventilation systems, and exhaust fans, as well as install and service air filtration systems.

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