The collection of the Historical Society of Old Newbury allows us to step back into Newbury’s agrarian and Newburyport’s seafaring past. Even the magnificent 200-year-old Caleb Cushing House (a National Historic Landmark) itself is an artifact of the collection as well as the privy, carriage house and Perkins’ Engraving Plant.

At the heart of the collection is our library containing the histories of Newbury’s residents from its earliest settlers to the present. The library helps us to begin to see how the various facets of the collection are related.  The biographies and genealogies are used to wire together who owned the portraits, furnishings or costumes, where they lived, in what home, on what street.  We can find what they may have done for a living, where they went to school or to church and where they were born and buried.

Those who visit us may be impressed by the caliber of what they have had a chance to explore but ultimately they realize that it is the stories about each item that make them compelling and pertinent.

Ultimately, we are a repository for memories.