Innokin Aventry – Unique Features

The Innokin Acustic is constructed with rugged materials and is certified water-proof, shockproof as well as dustproof. Inside the M TL box mod, there is a 3000mAh internal rechargeable battery which is easily recharged through a 2 amps micro USB port. This handy kit comes with a unique tank that allows you to mix different nicotine strengths and makes it simple to fill with your favorite flavors. The tank has a clear cover to ensure that flavorings do not leak out and to keep your e juice nice and fresh. This easy to use kit with its user-friendly methods allows you to enjoy your tasty e liquids anytime.

How to Know Innokin Avery – Unique Features

The Innokin Acustic has three different wattage ranges for its rechargeable battery; the highest wattage range is at eighteen watts which is sufficient to give you a strong and satisfying vapor. For the lowest wattage range, the Innokin Acoustic offers a six-wattage range which is ideal for new users who are just getting started. In order to make sure that your coils are properly charged, the Innokin adept mod has an auto shut off feature. The fire button is also positioned in such a way that it is easy to press, even from quite a distance. The Innokin adept mod has a unique fire button three times which is a great feature and helps save battery power when the fire button is pressed repeatedly.

Another great feature of the Innokin adept is the tank’s ability to maintain proper airflow. The airflow control has an adjustable airflow capacity which allows you to adjust the amount of air that your coils are exposed to. With a higher wattage range, the Innokin adept can produce stronger flavors and larger clouds. By increasing the airflow capacity, your device will run cooler, allowing you to have consistent results every time.

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