Planning and Building Regulations for an Orangery

orangery uk

If you’re thinking about building an orangery in your home, you’ll need to know about planning permission and the building regulations. These regulations are not legally binding, but you’ll need to find out if they apply to you. For example, if you’re building an orangery uk on a listed building or in a conservation area, you’ll need to get planning permission first. The process can be confusing and complicated, so it’s important to consult a local planning authority to get the necessary approvals.

Orangeries are often used as a recreational space and can even be used for entertaining. To add to your enjoyment, you can use lighting, audio and lighting installations, and even flatscreen TVs. Choosing the right lighting for an orangery can make all the difference in the finished look. Depending on your needs, you can even use low-voltage downlighters on the outside of the structure for an added touch.

Orangeries are a great way to add space and enjoy the outdoors all year round. You can open the doors during the summer and let the air flow in, while staying cool in winter. They also use plenty of glazing, which makes the whole home feel naturally cool. Orangeries are also extremely versatile and can be designed to suit your preferences. You can install connecting doors so walking into it is a special event, or in-line sliding panels to let the sun stream through.

A good way to keep the orangery cooler is to install a tiled roof. This will keep the building from feeling hot in the summer and freezing during the winter. Moreover, tiles and slates that are lightweight are great insulators. Also, you can choose ones that match the existing tiles and slates of the property.

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